Employee Education

Does your employee education program provide a solution for the wrong problem?

Education that focuses solely on asset allocation and investment selection can not only confuse and overwhelm many participants, but can arguably contribute to poor investment choices and low participation levels.

More important, superior investment selection and allocation decisions may not provide your employees a secure retirement if they fail to simply save enough money. This is why we believe it is critical to combine effective plan design with an education program that helps your employees learn:

  • the value of starting to save for retirement early in their careers,
  • appropriate savings goals based on age, current income and target retirement date

We design comprehensive Education Programs that are tailored to your employees:

  • Education Policy Statement development
  • Assess plan demographics, plan feature usage, investment utilization, replacement ratios
  • Set goals and establish metrics for measuring success
  • Develop written Education and Communications Plan
  • Group education meeting schedule and presentation topics
  • Develop custom presentation materials as needed
  • Facilitate one-to-one meetings for executives and employees
  • Provide ongoing telephone support for employees
  • Quarterly employee electronic newsletter
  • Develop statement stuffers, electronic education campaigns