Comprehensive Investment Support

TrueNorth’s ERISA Section 3(21) Investment Fiduciary Services encompass the following four services:

Investment Policy Statement. We help you develop policies that define roles and responsibilities, and provide guidelines for investment selection and monitoring. We also help ensure that your Investment Policy is reviewed and updated as needed to reflect current practices.

Investment Menu Selection. At TrueNorth, we strive to develop investment menus that reflect your employees’ comfort level with investing. These needs often range from employees who want to “do it myself” to those who want choices that “do it for me”, such as asset allocation or target date funds. We also believe that investment menus should provide sufficient diversification, yet avoid frustrating participants with too many choices. This is why we typically recommend that you eliminate redundant investments. We also recommend inclusion of one or more index funds so that your employees can choose investments that closely replicate market returns.

Investment Monitoring Services. We monitor investment performance through quantitative and qualitative investment analysis. This includes a close look at investment management fees and expenses. Investments that do not meet our review and performance criteria are placed on a watch list for monitoring or, in some instances, immediate action may be recommended.

Performance Reports. Our comprehensive report package gives your investment committee an independent look at investment menu performance. We also provide a written executive summary of our investment recommendations, plus side-by-side comparative reports for new or replacement fund candidates (with fund mapping strategy). Our report package typically includes:

  • Correlation Matrix
  • Expenses Relative to Category
  • Fees and Expenses
  • Fund Scorecard
  • Market Snapshot
  • Operations
  • Overlap Analysis
  • Performance by Asset Class
  • Plan Asset/Portfolio Snapshot Returns
  • Risk Analysis
  • Standardized Returns
  • Stock Intersection
  • Style Drift
  • Triggered Alerts
  • Watch List and Commentary

Customized reports are also available.